Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Mitt Romney Formula: Win A Big Primary, Let Loose A Big Gaffe The Next Day

Contrary to what the Establishment GOP, Ann Coulter, and Jennifer Rubin might say, all us pesky conservatives who won't fall in line are not the problem in why Mitt Romney has not wrapped up the GOP Presidential nominating process.

Mitt Romney's biggest problem is Mitt Romney and his campaign.

Let's take today as an example of The Romney Formula. He won the Illinois primary by a big margin last night (a liberal state) and his campaign's communication director, Eric Fehrnstrom, was asked if moving to the right would hurt The Flipper in the general election.

Fehrnstrom's response?  Well, we just hit reset, kind of like an Etch-A-Sketch.  Shake it up and you start over.

Well, Etch-A-Sketch became a symbol of why so many are not enthused by Romney, because it illustrates why so many, especially conservatives, cannot trust him.

There's this great web ad someone made up, found at The Other McCain.

Professor Jacobson has this video of Newt up at Legal Insurrection, using an Etch-A-Sketch as a prop.

Rick Santorum did the same thing.

Santorum is right, this isn't a joke or a game. But the Establishment GOP thinks it is. They're expecting those of us who have serious reservations about Romney to just suck it up, close our eyes and get in line like little sheep.

Sorry, there's too much at stake in this election, especially when the "front runner" is a guy who is about as gaffe prone as Joe Bite-Me.

How can I or anyone else concerned about the future of this nation trust a guy who we're told is the "most electable" of all the Republican candidates? Yet he is so "exciting" that Illinois had the lowest turnout in 70 (seventy) years for a Presidential primary.

That doesn't instill a lot of confidence for running against Richard Milhous Obama.  And don't get me started about Little Jebby Bush.  Makes me want to quote Jesse Jackson for the first time in my life "Stay out of the Bushes!"

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