Thursday, March 22, 2012

Media Matters War On Rush & The Left's Fascism In Silencing Voices They Don't Like

Prof. William Jacobson has been hot on the story of the involvement of the George Soro$ funded Media Mutters for America group and their campaign of going after Rush Limbaugh's advertisers, in order to silence the top conservative voice in America.

Now, they're spending $100,000 in ads that will run in eight cities against Limbaugh. Writes Jacobson:

Media Matters is proving what we all knew: The grassroots campaign against Limbaugh is Media Matters astroturf, funded and stoked by George Soros’ $1 million donation for a war on conservative media, and fueled by David Brock’s bizarre and paranoid notions of political warfare.

The same person coordinating the advertising is the person behind the Beck boycott and the contrived Twitter war, per the AP report:

Ad time was purchased in Boston; Chicago; Detroit; Seattle; Milwaukee; St. Louis; Macon, Ga.; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The cities were selected to support active local campaigns against Limbaugh or because of perceptions Limbaugh may be vulnerable in that market, said Angelo Carusone of Media Matters.

“What we’re really looking for is a way to demonstrate the persistence of the effort and the fact that it is on a wide scale,” Carusone said.

This is a clarifying moment.

Conservatives, including those who disagreed with Rush’s statements about Sandra Fluke, need to make this Media Matters’ Waterloo.

Let me remind you also that Media Mutters and David Crock have been the subject of an expose by The Daily Caller:

It’s been a little over a month since The Daily Caller published the beginning of an investigative series examining the inner workings of Media Matters. The reporting, bolstered by first-hand knowledge from sources familiar with day-to-day activities in the group’s Washington, D.C. offices, revealed close coordination with the Obama White House, a slew of favored — and receptive — mainstream journalists, intense erratic behavior by Brock, a Glock pistol illegally carried by Brock’s assistant and consequence-free sex in the office’s media war room.

TheDC also revealed an extensive list of left-wing foundations that bankroll the group’s operations. Those findings showed the organization’s use of Bernie Madoff-exposed assets, the receipt of a donation specifically earmarked for targeting religious media, and a laundry list of big-name progressive foundations, including the Tides Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and, among many others.

In that same time frame, Fox News reported that Brock had to sell his Rehoboth Beach, Del. home to pay his former domestic partner $850,000 in what Brock called “blackmail” to keep him silent about details purportedly devastating to Media Matters.

Media Mutters has also come under criticism for use of anti-Semitic rhetoric, so much so that even liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has vocally blasted the group for labeling supporters of Israel as "Israel Firsters." It doesn't help that Media Mutters is joining forces with the jihadist propaganda network Al Jazeera either.

So, is the attack on Rush a distraction from the corruption and bigotry of Media Mutters and David Crock? What better way to keep they eyes off your corruption by pointing the finger at the biggest talk radio host in America?

While this may be true, the more frightening aspect is how the liberal Left, including Media Mutters, is employing what can only be labeled as fascism in a nation that was built on the idea of free political speech. Media Matters is embarking on this un-American activity in violation of the tax exempt 501c3 status they hold. But public servants are now entering the fray of censoring speech, like in Los Angeles (Lynwood Patch).

Just three days after singer Whitney Houston passed away, KFI AM hosts John and Ken dismissed her as nothing more than a "crack ho." Nearly one month later, the LA city council is pondering whether to take an official stance against the slurs uttered that day.

The city council voted to approve the resolution, 13 to 2, Perry's press secretary told HuffPost. Council members Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander voted no.

The resolution states that the best way to combat racism at KFI is to hire more non-white individuals. It reads, "a truly diverse work environment must include the hiring of a work force that reflects the diversity of Los Angeles which includes women, African Americans, Latinos, and Asians."

Councilwoman Jan Perry wrote the March 7 motion, and the other two African American council members, Bernard C. Parks and Herb Wesson Jr., seconded it.

Highlighting KFI's lack of on-air diversity, Perry wrote, “Clear Channel Media Holding’s commitment to diversity is not being realized at its flagship station KFI 640 AM, where out of 15 on-air personalities, one is a female and none of them are African American," NBC reports.

The council also included a "friendly amendment" from Council member Dennis Zine to extend the resolution to all LA radio and television stations.

The amendment urges "all management of radio and television stations in Los Angeles to do everything in their power to ensure that their on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs over public airwaves in the City of Los Angeles."

Was the comment these hosts made stupid? Yes! But should the City of Los Angeles step in to dictate to radio stations what kind of language is "appropriate" or how much "diversity" is on staff? No! That's fascism. It's similar to what a Justice of the Peace in the South Texas town I grew up in did in 1995, threatening Howard Stern with arrest after Stern crudely insulted the Tejano star Selena after her murder by a deranged employee/fan.  Hell, what the LA City Council is doing is racism.  They're acting just like did, except Watt only made a dumb joke about diversity in the Department of Interior in the 1980s.

As has been pointed out here, and elsewhere many times, liberals always were the ones who championed the First Amendment, and lectured us how "dissent" was the highest for of patriotism, but that was pre-Obama. Now, "dissent" can get you fired, have your job or family threatened, or get you thrown off the air by goosestepping zealots.

Yes, America, there is a chill wind blowing through America right now, but Tim Robbins is nowhere to be found, and I wonder why!

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