Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lib Talk Show Host With History Of Racism & Sexism Says He's Glad Breitbart's Dead

Hypocritical liberals, feminazis and Obama (I'll explain why later) are too busy beating up on Rush Limbaugh to notice this outrage (Washington Free Beacon, via Weasel Zippers).

I]n a Friday podcast titled “Andrew Breibart: DEAD (thankfully),” John “Sly” Sylvester, a liberal talk-show host on Madison radio station WTDY, “paid tribute” to Breitbart, who died Thursday morning, by saying he was glad Breitbart was dead and would pour weed-killer on his grave.

I’m just tired of people faking that they are sad when people are dead. I want to say something, and make it real clear … I will never urinate on his grave. I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave and I’ll tell you why I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave. I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave so there’s no chance that he ever comes back to life! And I can kill him like the weed that he was.

I’m glad he’s dead! There are very few people I can say that about. This guy, absolutely! I don’t have the slightest bit compunction of saying “good.” The world is a better place today. Can you think of the last time you’ve been this happy that someone is dead? You want to make a comparison? I was thinking of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Sylvester went on to say Breitbart’s death was “kinda similar to Kim Jung-il.”

Now, I was alerted to this because someone linked to a previous posting here in WZ's comments. I'm familiar with this liberal redneck "Sly" Sylvester, because in November 2004:

On his radio show Thursday, John Sylvester of WTDY-AM in Madison called (Condoleezza) Rice an "Aunt Jemima" and said she isn't competent to be secretary of state. He said he used the term to describe Rice and other blacks as having only a subservient role in the Bush administration.

Rice has served as President George W. Bush's national security adviser and was named this week to replace the departing Colin Powell as secretary of state. Sylvester also referred to Powell as an "Uncle Tom."

...On Friday morning's show, he refused to apologize to Rice or Powell, but did apologize to Aunt Jemima for comparing her to Rice.

"If there are any African-Americans that took exception with my characterization, I like Aunt Jemima, and in no way meant that Aunt Jemima was a hack or untrustworthy," Sylvester said.

Sylvester said on the air he'd resign if his employer, Midwest Family Broadcasting, lost advertisers or was hurt by the uproar. Sylvester said Midwest Family is the best company he's worked for, and although management may not share his opinions, he said he respects his bosses for allowing him to speak his mind.

If racism isn't enough, how about sexism from just over a year ago?

“SLY” SYLVESTER: How amateurish is it to have Rebecca Kleefisch, who, I don’t know, she has some like little panty business in her basement or something, I don’t know. She’s hardly a, she’s hardly an entrepreneur. You know what? You know how amateurish that is? Cold-calling?

(Mocking Kleefisch in high-pitched, slurred voice)

‘Would you like to move to Wisconsin? Would you like to move CouponCabin to Wisconsin? I’m Rebecca Kleefisch. I perform fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee. And they endorse me and that’s how I became lieutenant governor. And then I got colon cancer and I ran around the state to help people. Even though I have government health care, screw everyone else.’

I had heard at one point Rebecca Kleefisch pulled a train, but that must have been a different story I was reading about.

“Pulled a train” is vulgar slang for group gang rape.

The MSM coverage of this filth-monger dances around his exact sexual slurs — they refer to “explicit” slurs without explicitly informing you — which is why I spelled them out for you.

Did Lt. Gov. Kleefish get a phone call from Richard Milhous Obama? I don't think so. I'm sure Susie Breitbart won't, or Condoleeza Rice. Liberal outrage is selective.

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