Monday, February 27, 2012

What's This? Pakistanis Dump Korans In Raw Sewage Canal & No Violent Rallies

Check out this video found at Pamela Geller's blog, Atlas Shrugs.

In case you actually believed that all of this unholy slaughter was about some nonsensical manufactured "religious indiscretion" and not about power, supremcacy and an excuse to kill infidel soldiers in the cause of Islam, get real:

Pakistan Korans: Thousands Dumped in Poop Sewer: Man Tries to Clean and Preserve February 26, 2012 By Maggie

Koran’s used as toilet paper in Lahore, Pakistan? In the video, you will see some books are in tact, but many more, just pages and pages lying in the filth of a canal where sewage flows. A man drains the canal several times a year – been doing it for ten years. He rescues the pages and the books, and tries to clean them. He has begged his Government to use only paper that can be recycled, thinking they will be easier to clean! Apparently, Pakistan prints and supplies all the Korans in the country. His Government isn’t interested in recycling.

“What can I say? I say O Allah save this population from throwing Allah’s word into filth.”

Today our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for disposing of Korans used among prisoners to pass messages. To date, four dead, murdered by Afghan security, whom we are training. Today, reports of another seven of our military injured in a grenade attack (according to Fox News this minute) - yet Muslims are using their own holy book for their own intimate convenience, maybe in silent protest for the darkness it has brought to their lives. Who knows? Moonbattery has another idea. Thanks to HalalPorkChop for the video.

But while our troops are targets for attacks and four have been killed, what does the Regime do? Send another Defense Department spokesmouth out to a mosque nearby in Sterling, VA (one with questionable ties) to sputter out more apologies.

And for the cherry on top of this sundae, Hillary Rotten Clinton, who is so ignorant she wears the wrong clothing in a group picture at a recent summit, has said we shouldn't criticize Obama for the endless apologies. This coming from the same shrieking harpy who said in 2003 we had the right to criticize any administration. So, never mind our troops, we're supposed to get on our knees and thank Obama Almighty. Yeah right! Go sit in a corner and pass gas, you bloated hag!

Hillary, really doesn't matter. Democrats have proved again how none of them give a damn about our troops. They're too busy acting like Sally Field, wanting the Muslim world to "like us, really really like us!" They're too foolish to know they're showing weakness, and it's encouraging these radicals, not appeasing them.

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