Friday, February 17, 2012

"Thunderlips" Wasserman-Schultz Says Religious Organizations Shouldn't "Impose Their Values" On Employees

Debbie "Thunderlips" Wasserman-Schultz, who is Alan Grayson in a skirt, shoots her mouth off again while appearing on Fox News with Megyn Kelly (Gateway Pundit).

"Thunderlips" told Kelly that religious organizations shouldn't be "imposing their values on their employees." In other words, that's the government's job. Government, in the eyes of Thunderlips, "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, and these other liberals, is a higher authority than the church.

Where in history have we heard this before?

This video is from Frank Capra's 1943 documentary "Why We Fight - Prelude to War."

What Wasserman-Schultz and her party are doing is rejecting the whole idea that this nation was founded upon...the idea that our rights come from our Creator. In their liberal utopia, Government is God. That's why, per the clip above, one of the first things the Nazis and Communists did was to get rid of the Church.

This argument is not about contraception, this is about the freedom to worship being under attack by abortion on demand zealots like Obama, Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. It's another example of how our Constitution is under assault by these same far-Left Democrats.

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