Monday, February 13, 2012

They're BAAAAACK! Obama's Brownshirts errrrr "Truth Teams"

Because he can't run on his own record, the Obama Regime is sending plumbers from the Committee to Re-Elect The President (CREEP) to...ooops, sorry different President... (Yahoo News).

The Obama campaign is today beginning a new effort to enlist and educate at least 2 million supporters for a "grassroots communications team" they're calling the Truth Team.

"The goal is to ensure that when Republicans attack President Obama's record, grassroots supporters can take ownership of the campaign and share the facts with the undecided voters in their lives," the campaign said in a statement.

The teams will be first launched in 13 "swing states," including Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

Guess which website is coming back?

The rollout also includes a social media blitz, directing supporters to three new websites:, which highlights Obama's record and "promises kept";, which highlights GOP policy positions; and, which fact-checks claims made against Obama on the campaign trail.

"If the other guys are going to run a campaign based on misrepresenting the president's record - and their own - we have two options: sit back and let these lies go unchallenged, or fight back with the truth," deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said in an email. "We're fighting back."

Except Obama has a record now he's running away from. And I can't wait to see what Andrew Breitbart has in store for us, as he indicated the other night at CPAC.

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