Monday, February 20, 2012

SICK! Hateful Liberal Threatens Female Conservative Talk Host With Rape On Twitter (UPDATED: Also on Her Radio Show)

So, just who is anti-woman and hateful, you libs?

Some voices in the liberal media, namely Keith Olbermann, have tried to pretend that there were no rapes that occurred at the Occupy squatter camps, even though various sexual assaults were reported.

One police complaint has been obtained by Big Journalism as proof of what Olbermann and other libs are trying to cover up.

Dana Loesch, who is a talk show host and editor of Big Journalism, has been actively sending tweets to Olbermann, Marcos "Screw Them" Moulitas and other liberal losers asking them to refute their incorrect assertion that no rapes took place.

This is what one liberal jerk sent Loesch today:

Really? So I repeat what I stated liberals claim that conservatives are anti-woman and only want them "barefoot and pregnant?" Well, who is defending the women at Occupy? Conservatives!

And who are the ones lecturing us about "civility" while acting uncivil. Liberals...that's who!

So the next time Obama or any other liberal wants to lecture us in their Mr. Rogers voice about "civility," then this kind of hateful crap from liberals needs to be front and center. They talk the talk, but sure as hell don't walk the walk.

UPDATED; It also happened on her radio show, as fill-in host Tony Katz took a call from a sick liberal woman who protested something Dana was alleged to have said about a vaginal ultrasound being rape, and then said she should be raped.

Here's the audio.

You liberals are really sick people!

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Alan W. Wright said...

She had to hang up; she felt a fart coming on and didn't want to miss out on smelling it!