Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sarah Palin at CPAC Obama Has "Mucked It Up"

Sarah Palin is speaking right now at CPAC, and said President Obama has "mucked it up."

We don't want your economy that's "Built to Last," We want your adminsitration to end.

FAIL. Occupiers tried to crash, CPAC crowd drowns them out, chanting "USA, USA," along with "Sarah, Sarah!"

Our permanent political class is content, they're immune from the rest of realities we face.

Instead of calling Washington a swamp, we should call it a wetland.

Crony capitalism is the capitalism of Barack Obama and the permanent political class. I say to the Occupiers, you're protesting the wrong thing.

Toasts Tea Party Congressmembers. says we need a leadershp position.

Obama is a Chicago politicain where graft and corruption is the Chicago Way. I fought the corrupt political machine.  Obama never challended it, he brought it here with him.

Our nominee must be fortified, passionate, a fighter for American ideals.

Competition elevates our game, will lead us to victory in 2012.  I believe it should keep going, but let the competition bring out the best in our nominee.

We must stand united, whoever our nominee is.

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