Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obama Visits Restaurant Serving Shark Fin Soup Illegally In San Francisco On Fundraising Trip...Tea Party & Others Hold Protest

The "Fundraiser in Chief," Richard Milhous Obama, was in his ATM (the San Francisco Bay Area) today for a fundraiser and visited a restaurant that serves shark delicacy illegally (SFGate).

President Obama, who signed the Shark Conservation Act into law last month, apparently didn't check out the menu before he made a surprise visit Thursday to a Chinatown restaurant in that is among a handful still serving shark fin soup, a delicacy that has been outlawed in California.

The Great Eastern restaurant, a Chinatown landmark on Jackson Street in San Francisco, has a $48 bowl of braised shark fin soup on its menu.

According to the KSFO Morning Show Blog, Tea Party members were planning to protest, as were those opposed to the HHS mandate forcing churches to pay for contraception in violation of their religious belief.

KGO ABC 7 Reported:

The president was not expected to arrive at the Masonic Center until 8 p.m., but protesters had already started lining up at designated protest areas along California Street by 5:30 p.m. They represented a wide range of interests, from people who are part of the Occupy movement, to religious groups, and members of the Tea Party.

Occupy protesters say President Obama is not tough enough on financial institutions, religious protesters say they are disappointed with his health care policies, and Tea Party protesters say they are against Mr. Obama on taxes. "I'm really disillusioned with him. I feel like a real sucker for buying into the hope-change message that he doled out in 2008 and I'm exasperated, and I've got no other way to show it than to stand out here with my sign," Rachel Atchison told ABC7.

I'll bet Zombie was there and will have some great photos posted later.

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