Thursday, February 23, 2012

New GOP Ad...Another White House Concert Party While America Sings The Blues Over Gas Prices

Tuesday night was party night at the White House.

As they had with other music genres (country, soul/R&B) the Obamas had blues night, with names like B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck (some of my personal favorites), taped for an upcoming PBS special. The night was topped off with another lapdog media Obasm, Obama singing the Robert Johnson classic "Sweet Home Chicago."

Isn't it great that our President can sing and dance, play golf, vacation and fundraise? I mean, doesn't he have a job that 52 percent of Americans elected him to do in 2008? Of course, he'll do anything to distract from how much he sucks as President.

While the Obama's party away, and Moochelle has secret vacations at an upscale Vail ski resort, America is really singing the blues. Unemployment is nowhere near where the Regime says it is, and gas prices are rapidly rising.

Obama is headed to Florida today, where gas is close to $6 per gallon in some places, to give another speech, as if that's going to do the trick. He's also mixing that in with two fundraisers.

He'll also have this GOP web ad waiting for him (Washington Examiner):

When it comes to singing the blues, forget it Obama! It's hard to be an authentic bluesman when you and Mooch are living like one of those evil "One Percenters," jet setting, partying, and vacationing all on the public dime.

Instead of the blues, what Obama should be singing is the Robert Earl Keen song done above by Joe Ely, "The Road Goes On Forever, And The Party Never Ends."

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