Friday, February 24, 2012

Shame On National Review & Chris Christie For Continuing Attacks On Santorum's Faith

Somewhere, William F. Buckley is spinning in his grave, as his publication, The National Review, has become a mouthpiece of the GOP establishment.

They continued their doubling down as a Romney mouthpiece by the editors penning an editorial taking swipes at Rick Santorum's faith "The Devil and Rick Santorum".

But the press has not had to invent controversial remarks by Santorum, who has supplied them himself. He has said that Satan is undermining America, in part by corrupting mainline Protestantism; that liberal versions of Christianity are distortions of the creed; that as president he would speak out against birth control, and that states should be free to prohibit it; and that John McCain “doesn’t have any” religious views.

Some of his comments are indefensible, and even some of Santorum’s defensible assertions would have been better left to someone else — someone not seeking the presidency — to say. Santorum’s remarks about Senator McCain were unwise and uncharitable. Nor do we need political leaders to share their theological judgments about the various denominations that call themselves Christian. There is no good reason for a prospective president to pledge to lecture Americans about contraception.

Even Romney endorser New Jersey Fats, Chris "Krispy Kreme" Christie, piled onto Santorum

Rick Santorum says his 2008 comments that “Satan has set his sights on the United States of America” are “not relevant” to the 2012 presidential race, but Chris Christie told me on “GMA” that Santorum is wrong.

“Listen, I think anything you say as a presidential candidate is relevant. It is by definition relevant. You’re asking to be president of the United States. I don’t think [Santorum's] right about that. I think it is relevant what he says. I think people want to make an evaluation, a complete evaluation of anyone who asks to sit in the Oval Office,” the New Jersey governor said.

Wait a minute Fatboy....National Review! The problem here is Santorum's speech they referenced was back in 2008, before he was a candidate for President. It was not a stump speech. Instead, it was one practising Catholic giving a speech on his faith to a Catholic college. Santorum spoke of a concept, Satan, a force of evil, that one most Catholics and Christians believe in.

I can't for the life of me believe Satan is more controversial than other candidate and what was said at his "church," which was unBiblical, un-Christian, and anti-American, where the Lord's name was taken in vain by the "preacher" at the pulpit.

So Mittens Romney gets upset about unfair attacks on his religion (which are wrong as well), and he does not distance himself from these bigoted comments by people who support him.

This has crossed a fine line, and shame on those alleged conservatives, establishment Republicans and their professional pundit class should be ashamed of their Obamaesque and un-American religious bigotry.

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