Thursday, February 02, 2012

Call It "Operation Chaos - Virginia"...Let's Vote For Ron Paul In March 6 Primary To Screw Romney & The Establishment

Since Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, a bought and paid for Romney supporter, and the Republican Party of Virginia decided to change the rules in qualifying for the Presidential ballot one month before the deadline, this same idea that Anti-Idolotarian Rotweiller has floated has been in my mind (h/t Dan Riehl).

LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

His Majesty has laid out a plan for voting in the Virginia Primary, where it has been arranged that Willard Mitt “Flipper” Romney would only have Ron “Protocols of Ron” Paul to oppose him; guaranteeing him a sweep of Virginia’s delegates, and the superficial appearance of strong support in a southern state. I don’t live in Virginia, but if I did, I would follow His Majesty’s plan. Vote for Paul in hope of damaging Mittens.

I find RuPaul detestable, because of his nutso foreign policy and blaming us for 9/11. But as a resident and registered voter of the Commonwealth of Virginia who has been disenfranchised by the RPV, well....

I'm willing to hold my nose on March 6 and vote for Ron Paul as a way to screw Mitt Romney, the RPV and the country club Republican establishment, maybe even give the crazy uncle a landslide victory to say "suck on this, GOP establishment!"  I'm inviting all my fellow citizens in Virginia to join me in sticking it to the establishment.

Oh, and we don't stop this year.  Let's go further and primary Bill Bolling in 2013 when he runs for governor by voting for a real conservative, Ken Cuccinelli.

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BeachBum_27 said...

I'm down in va beach and there's a good number of people in fb groups for newt that have been thinking along the same lines, myself included. Just wanted to say that I love the name "Operation Chaos"....I'll be more than likely using that from here on but will make sure to use the link to your blog as I spread the word!! Thanks!!