Friday, February 10, 2012

How Do You Make Ann Coulter Scurry Away From You?

(Thanks to Legal Insurrection - Post of the Day)

Ask her why she flip-flopped about Mitt Romney, as she said a year ago that if Willard was the nominee, he would lose against Obama.

Her response?

Well, for your information, I did hear your speech today!

All you addressed from last year was your love for "Krispy Kreme" Chris Christie.

The irony of Polk Salad Annie's speech today? She'll call Obama "jug-eared" yet says we can't run anyone against him who calls Obama a socialist or a "Kenyan colonialist" (sorry Annie, Newt never said it like that).  And she's the guy who has such a girl crush over a fat guy from New Jersey who acts like Tony Soprano, calling people "nubnuts."

What was funny, was as I was hearing her tout Romney today, I heard several people in the audience saying "RINO" and "moderate."  Ann's audience response was mostly polite but tepid, compared to past years.

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