Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy 101st Birthday, President Reagan

Today is the 101st birthday of one our America's greatest Presidents, Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004).

Americans for Prosperity created the following ad (h/t Amy Miller).

Watching Ronald Reagan during his 1980 campaign got me interested in the political process, and learning more about American exceptionalism, and I was only 11 years old. In September 1980, my family and I saw him as he made his way to a campaign appearance in Harlingen, TX, where we lived. I proudly carried a “Reagan for President” sticker on my notebook in sixth grade. Nearly 30 years ago, the shock of hearing of his attempted assassination stung more as some fellow students around me applauded the news. I was thrilled in June of 1982 to receive a letter from Reagan, in response to one I’d written. He told me that hearing from young people was a “source of inspiration” for him, adding:
“There is a renewed spirit of national pride in our country today. People of all ages are eager to help build a better America, to share in the work to be done and to share also in a feeling of self-worth and pride that comes with accomplishment.”
Ronald Reagan renewed that spirit of national pride, not just because of who he was, but because he reminded us of how great we were as a nation, that we were a beacon of light to the world, and we did not have to apologize for who we were.

God how we need another leader today who can remind us of this same message that Ronald Reagan did thirty years ago.

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