Friday, February 03, 2012

DECEPTION: Unemployment Falls To 8.3...But 1.2 Million Drop From Labor Force

The lapdog media is in ecstasy, as the Chicago Jesus has made unemployment fall to 8.3 percent.
But the devil is in the details that they are hiding from you (Confounded Interest, via FreeRepublic)

The civilian non-institutional population rose by 1,685,000 (that should eventually help the housing market recover), while the number of employed rose 847,000. The number of people NOT in the labor force rose by 1,177,000. This indicates that the civilian employment to population ratio dropped dramatically in January.

Let me say that again. While nonfarm payroll jobs increased by 0.243 million, the number of people dropping out of the labor force was 1.18 million That is over a 4-1 ratio. This is employment recovery?

I await the BLS revisions. I is survey data, after all.
Need more example of how the unemployment numbers are bogus?  Here is the pefect illustration of the disconnect between the Regime's statistics and real unemployment occured the other day.

The Lapdogs are doing a great job of fudging the numbers for propaganda purposes. They have a failed president to re-elect.

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