Thursday, February 09, 2012

Breitbart & Citizens United Unveil Upcoming Expose: "Occupy Unmasked"

As mentioned earlier, I attended a blogger briefing hosted by Citizens United with President David Bossie, Andrew Breitbart, filmmaker Stephen Bannon, Brandon Darby, and Lee Stranahan, for the upcoming film Occupy Unmasked.

A website has been set up, and a trailer viewed during the briefing is now available below.

The film has a projected Spring 2012 release.

Basically, the film exposes the Occupy movement, and those behind it. The Occupy movement sprung out of the anti-Iraq war movement.

Andrew Breitbart spoke about the background of the film, and the participation of Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby. He started by saying of the Occupiers, "I hate those bastards!" and reminded of how he took up the banner in defending the Tea Party against the malicious lies told about them by the Obama lapdog media...the same media who props up the Occupiers.

Stranahan formerly wrote for Huffington Post, and has helped Breitbart in exposing the Pigford scandal.

Darby is a former Leftist who Breitbart called "the David Horowitz of our generation." Darby informed police in 2008 of a plan by radical Leftists, many of who are linked to the Occupy movement, to try and violently shut down the Republican National Convention that year.

Though there had been some threats of the briefing being crashed by Occupy squatters, there were none. One snarky question was asked by a Leftist blogger from "Crooks and Liars" (appropriate name for a lib blog) to Bannon about his Sarah Palin documentary "The Undefeated."


Henry Krinkle said...

Here in San Diego we have plenty of Occupiers. They sleep in the park, ask people on the sidewalk for change, or a drink or their water. They don't wash their clothes.

Tania said...

With the former Occupation Philly, I bumped into the same individuals who were involved in anti-bush/everything protests all through the 2000-2008. They went silent in November 3rd, 2008 and now are back in Occupy.
Occupy is nothing more than a violent, disease ridden astroturf event.