Friday, February 10, 2012

BREAKING: Obama To Halfway "Accomodate" Religious Organizations On Contraception Rule

This just breaking on the Obama Regime's assault on organized religion. From Jake Tapper at ABC News, it appears as if, later today, someone in the Regime (or even Obama himself) will make an announcement.

But it is only a halfway concession.

The move, based on state models, will almost certainly not satisfy bishops and other religious leaders since it will preserve the goal of women employees having their birth control fully covered by health insurance.

Sources say it will be respectful of religious beliefs but will not back off from that goal, which many religious leaders oppose since birth control is in violation of their religious beliefs.

On source described the attempted accommodation as “Hawaii Lite” — a reference to that state’s law which allows religious groups to opt out of coverage that includes birth control, as long as employees are given information whether such coverage can be obtained.

This announcement would not go that far. Sources say it will involve health insurance companies helping to provide the coverage, since it’s actually cheaper for these companies to offer the coverage than to not do so, because of unwanted pregnancies and resulting complications.

Regardless of this, the cat is out of the bag, and the Regime's hostility towards religion is more apparent.

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