Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Big Liberal Lie: Conservatives Want To Ban Contraception

My blogging friend from my old stomping grounds of Marin County, CA, Bookworm Room, who does a great job of illustrating the new liberal lie, that conservatives/Republicans want to ban contraception for women.

In any event, since 1965, contraceptives have been legal all over America. You can get them with a prescription if they’re hormonally based, and you can pick them up at any pharmacy, grocery store, vending machine, high school, middle school, etc., if they’re barrier-style contraceptives. United States taxpayers already subsidize those that get to people through Planned Parenthood and through our schools.

Such was the status quo until ObamaCare. Now, though, the Progressives have added a hitherto unknown imaginary constitutional right: women have the absolute right to free contraceptives. Of course, since nothing is free, what this really means is that women have the absolute right to contraceptives paid for by others. Regardless of how one feels about either privacy or contraception, anyone with even a smidgen of intellectual honesty has to concede that forcing third parties to pay for women’s access to a readily available, perfectly legal product is not something one can find in the Constitution itself, or even in the Constitution’s recently discovered penumbras and emanations.

Some Republicans in Congress, appalled by this government overreach, have proposed a bill that bars the government from using ObamaCare to justify forcing third parties to pay for women’s contraceptives. It’s important to note here that they are not banning contraceptives. Nor are they even reversing the current status quo (because the ObamaCare ukase has not yet gone into effect). Rather, the Republicans are maintaining the status quo that has existed in the United States since 1965: contraceptives are legal and women (and men) are free to buy them any time, any where. Some are more expensive than others, but none are very expensive. The alleged annual $600 cost for the average women wouldn’t be a big deal now if it wasn’t for the rising price of fuel, something that makes everything expensive.

The above are the facts. Here’s the spin the Progressives are using to keep the White House in 2012 and to regain the House: “GOP officials fight to restrict women’s access to contraceptives.” (That verbatim quotation is taken from a longer post saying that the current GOP fight regarding contraception is akin to their failed fight to keep the state of Florida from forcing Terri Schiavo to starve to death.)

Let me repeat: The Progressives are explicitly stating that the GOP is “fight[ing] to restrict women’s access to contraceptives.”

This is a bald-faced lie. The GOP isn’t touching the status quo on abortion, a status quo that has been in place for almost 50 years. Instead, the GOP is fighting to restrict the federal government from creating a non-existent “right” to birth control, a right that allows the federal government to force third parties, including religious organizations, to subsidize birth control, abortifacients, and sterilization.

Facts are stubborn things, and the facts favor conservatives. Unfortunately, as Churchill knew, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” We’ve got the facts on our side, but this is one lie that the Progressives are making sure has legs.
The same thing is going on here in Virginia, where a new state law about sonograms is being attacked by liberals as "rape." As Dana Loesch at Big Journalism writes:
The pro-abortion progressive lobby has worked extensively this past week to classify Virginia’s straight-forward law as “rape,” even though the law doesn’t dictate what sort of ultrasound should be used before a woman murders her child. The easiest and most reliable way is the transvaginal ultrasound, more common in the first trimester. Progressives act as though there are no other options available to avoid becoming pregnant, prior to getting pregnant, and that the consequence from their choice prior to sex is the problem.

From Red State:
....These are people who insist rape is occurring in places where it is not, that it is legislated when it is not — the same people who deny and thus empower rape culture within the Occupy movement. Progressives’s argument regarding Virginia’s law is hysterical and wholly inaccurate. If a woman doesn’t want to be faced with an ultrasound then, according to statistics, practice responsibility: Studies prove that the overwhelming majority of women who choose abortion do so as a form of birth control. Cases of rape and incest account for around less than 1% of abortions.

So what's happening? Liberals, as I pointed out the other day, are attacking the church under the guise of "contraceptive rights," because just an outright attack on the Christian religion in America would create such a backlash against them at the ballot box. So, it has to be masqueraded in a way to appear as something it's not...we're just ensuring women can keep their right to contraception.

It's also election year politics, a distraction from the failures of the Obama Regime into cementing the liberal hold on the women vote. And is it not a coincidence that (like the Occupy movement with Willard Romney when he was touted as the GOP front runner) this comes as Rick Santorum, a practising Catholic, is now the GOP front runner.

Of course, liberals are focusing only on women. As an older conservative man who is a friend joked with me the other day, this is sexist! What about my Viagra and condoms? And yes, look at where all these lies about "Republicans want to take away contraception for women" are coming from, the most shrill vocal supporters of the radical feminazi movement in Congress.

And the more they talk about it, the more they distract from Obama's failures and try to help him win re-election.

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