Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sore Loser Mitt Romney Attacks Newt In Concession Speech

First it was the tweaking of Newt Gingrich about the 15th anniversary of a report on a House ethics probe on him, along with a "birthday cake."

Then, when he lost by a wide margin to the former speaker, Willard "Flip" Romney decided to show South Carolina and America why he is a sore loser (Yahoo News).

Arriving on stage a few moments later, Romney barely mentioned Gingrich's name. Yet in tougher remarks than those he's delivered on the trail in recent days, it was clear whom he was referring to in a series of attacks.

"Our party cannot be led to victory by someone who also has never run a business, and never run a state," Romney declared. "We cannot defeat [President Obama] with a candidate who has joined in that very assault on free enterprise."

"Those who pick up the weapons of the left today will find them used against them tomorrow," Romney continued, adding that Republicans who embrace such attacks aren't fit to be the nominee.

That's likely to be Romney's message in Florida next week, as he looks to rebound in a state where his campaign has already invested millions of dollars in staff and other political infrastructure.

Talk about using the tools of the Left, who has been the candidate who has launched into using personal attacks based on falsehoods against his competitors? That's Mitt Romney.

If anyone is still undecided, this should show how unstatesmanlike and resembling Obama that Romney is.

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Anonymous said...

Romney is Obama.

Anti-gun rights
Flip-flopper who makes promises to his base that he does not keep.

Romney's Green Energy Fund/Obama's Solyndra:

Ben Smith
Romney's Energy-Project Past

"...his [Romney's] Green Energy Fund invested in several companies that have failed or not lived up to expectations..."

Romney's corporate welfare/crony capitalism goes right along with what Obama has been doing:

American Spectator
Romney: Corporate Welfare Bum

More (links not provided):

Baltimore Sun
Corporate Welfare for Bain and Romney

Los Angeles Times
Mitt Romney No Stranger To Tax Breaks, Subsidies

"Free Enterprise" Romney likes to stuff his pockets with taxpayer dollars. That is corporate welfare that needs to be stooped within the GOP and in D.C.