Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sarah Palin Nails It: Says Media & Obama Want To Face Romney To Show Him As Out Of Touch

Sarah Palin was on Judge Jeannine Pirro's Fox News TV show last night and said the following:

I believe the mainsteam media and Obama want to face Mitt Romney in the general election because they are already gearing up to portray him -- accurately or inaccurately -- they're going to portray him as being out of touch with the working class as being so rich, and, from such a, kind of perfectly quaffed family maybe not facing a lot of the hardships a lot of Americans do face so, hence being a bit out of touch from working class, middle-class Americans and the challenges we all face.

Which is the point many of us who are opposed to Willard "Mitt" Romney have been making, but the establishment GOP refuses to heed.

Certainly, Romney doesn't help himself with quips like this, when he says he's unemployed as well.

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