Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romney "Supporter" Admits To Being Paid To Show Support For Romney

Chris Delamo of Red Pill Forums heard rumors of Romney supporters being paid to support the former Massachusetts governor in South Florida and went to check it out.

This is what he found (h/t FreeRepublic). A man who claimed to be unemployed admits to being paid to wear a Romney T-shirt outside an early voting place.

On camera, a Romney "supporter" at an early voting location says he was paid by the South Florida Romney campaign effort to wear a shirt and maintain a presence. Having a handful of Romney supporters at the site likely helped make the impression on potential voters who lack the capacity to think for themselves that they, because of Romney's large "support", they should vote for him. Makes perfect sense...

If you're in Florida and see these types of people, take your video camera or cell phone camera and get interviews.

This is why Romney is a lot like Obama. He shows how willing he is to run his own astroturf organization.

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