Saturday, January 21, 2012

Romney & His Campaign Must Take Every Opportunity They Can To Look Like Jerks

They did it again today, according to Greta van Susteren (via Legal Insurrection).

I find this gesture (below) from the Romney campaign to make them look very junior high. If Governor Romney even knows about this (and he may not), he should pull the plug on this prank. It doesn’t make his campaign (and thus him) look presidential. He wants to appear Presidential right now. It is one thing to point out and emphasize differences and experiences, it is another to ridicule.

What do you think? Am I wrong? The info below was sent to me by FNC’s Carl Cameron:

The Romney campaign today will deliver an anniversary cake to Gingrich HQ in SC today marking the 15th yr (to the day) that Gngrich became the first Speaker of the House ever reprimanded for an ethics violation.

Romney camp plans major 2 pronged attacks on Gingrich in Fla 1) demanding he release the supporting documents to the investigation leading up to his ethics reprimand 2) demanding Gingrch release the agreement with Fredde Mac under which a Gingrich enterprise was paif $1.6 M.

Aides say Romney plans a “major” speech on the economy prebutting the Presidents SOTU speech Tuesday. Romney will defend free enterprise and attack both the President and Gingrich for threatening it.

Excuse me, Mitt, Newt was cleared on all but one of the phony ethics violations that liberal Democrats filed against him.

This is all a distraction from Slick Mitt's stalling on releasing his tax returns. Hey Flip, why don't you explain how you took the computer hard drives and erased the records from your time as Governor. What's the matter? Got something to hide?

Seriously, from all his "good cop/bad cop" attacks on Sarah Palin, Newt, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney takes every opportunity to show everyone just how much of a scumbag he really is.

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Anonymous said...

The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate

Romney's are junior highish, however they also are corrupt.