Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama Regime Cancels Keystone Pipeline Deal, Puts Politics Before Jobs & Energy Independence

In other words, the wishes of the Obama campaign contributing, tree-hugging environazis like Robert Redford and Carl "We're Better Off Without Cheap Gas" Pope are more important that putting more Americans to work and lower gas prices (Business Insider).

The Obama administration just announced the rejection of the controversial $7 billion Keystone Pipeline.

Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post, first broke the news that the State Department, which led the review of the project, would reject a permit for the pipeline.

The rejection is expected to come from the State Department which has led the review of the project. Transcanada will however be able to reapply with an alternate route going through Nebraska.

President Obama had initially delayed the decision till after the 2012 Presidential election. Congress however mandated that there be a decision on the pipeline by February 21, as part of the negotiations on the payroll tax cut extension.

Two phases of the Keystone Pipeline are already complete. It is the 1,661 mile Keystone Gulf coast expansion project that is under review.

Obama's propaganda minister Jay Carney said he did it for the kids. Right! You mean the ones whose dads could have been gainfully employed?

But the Regime will shovel our tax dollars down the toilet pursuing the hash-pipe dream called "green jobs," as well as the Chevy Volt, the most explosive car since the Ford Pinto.

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