Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Newt Revokes Juan Williams' Race Card...Gets Standing O

This exchange in the debate last night was priceless! Juan Williams, like most liberals, uses the day honoring Martin Luther King Jr. as an opportunity to play the race card.

The crowd booed, and Newt Gingrich wouldn't have any of it.

This was one of the better debates. No drunken Diane Sawyer sipping on cough medicine, or questions on condoms.

It's too bad that the Rick Perry who was at this debate was not seen in the earlier debates, because I think he'd have been the front-runner by now, due to his experience as Governor of Texas.

Last night was Romney's worst showing. When he's taken off his pre-rehearsed talking points, he stammers and is unsure of himself. He got it from all sides, probably because almost everyone on the stage has been victims of negative ads from his PAC. Rick Santorum did this early in the debate....

You know Romney isn't a Reaganite, because he doesn't understand the "11th Commandment.

Ron Paul cemented his place as a kook.

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charles said...

So if George Bush left office while 750,000 were losing jobs a month and some of these people got food stamps- Obama is to blame? I get it.