Sunday, January 08, 2012

Newt Calls Romney's BS About Not Being A Career Politician "Pious Baloney"

I missed this morning's debate, after being fortunate not to pay attention to the worthless one last night (except via Twitter). It appears that there was an attempt to do today what the GOP candidates didn't do last night...take it to Willard "Mitt" Romney.

Thanks to Legal Insurrection, here's a clip of Newt connecting with an uppercut after Romney has claimed for the ten thousandth time he's not a career politician.

New York Daily News:

"I realize the red light doesn't mean anything to you because you are the frontrunner, but could we drop a little bit of the pious baloney?" he jabbed at Romney. "You have been running consistently for years and years, and then suddenly citizenship showed up in your mind... Just level with the American people.”

There's more:

With faint praise, Gingrich said Romney was “not unelectable,” but “I think he’ll have a very hard time getting elected.”

“A bold Reagan conservative with a very strong economic plan is a lot more likely to succeed (against Obama) than a relatively timid Massachusetts moderate who even The Wall Street Journal said had an economy plan so timid it resembled Obama,” he added.

Romney, who has persuaded many party leaders he’s got the best chance of winning against Obama, dismissed Gingrich’s broadside. “I was a solid conservative... and brought important change to Massachusetts,” he said.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, hoping to improve on his strong second place in Iowa, then jumped on Romney’s frequent attacks on lifelong politicians and criticized Romney’s own public career, noting that Romney didn’t run for re-election as Massachusetts governor.

“If his record was so great... why didn’t he run for reelection?” Santorum asked. “Why did you bail out?”

Even the putrid Jon Huntsman got into the act:

Ex-Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who needs a double-digit showing in Tuesday’s primary to stay in the race, landed on Romney for criticizing him in Saturday’s debate for being Obama’s ambassador to China. He said Romney had zinged him for serving his country while the former governor was hustling for campaign cash.

Rick Perry is not afraid to say about Obama what "Slick Mitt" is too cowardly to admit.

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