Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Melanie Morgan Back At KSFO-AM Morning Show

I'm really happy to see my good friend Melanie Morgan is back home on the morning show at KSFO-AM, with Brian Sussman. (Ed Walsh, via Melanie

Melanie Morgan returned to KSFO on Tuesday, January 3, as part of the Brian Sussman Morning Show. Morgan is a nationally known political pundit and talk show host who may be best-known for being the “Mother of the Recall” for launching the recall effort to unseat California Governor Gray Davis. The recall resulted in Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor.

Morgan had often appeared on ABC's Politically Correct show with Bill Maher. A sample is on the left. Morgan is introduced at 3:00.

For almost 15 years, Morgan was co-host of the highly-rated Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan show on KSFO. She was let go by the station in 2008.

Morgan was hired to co-host the nationally syndicated America's Morning News in June 2009 but resigned in January 2010 for health reasons.

Morgan’s latest project was to help start the nonprofit called the “International Cold Case Investigators Association,” designed to bring justice to cold cases and to help track down killers who have escaped justice.

In a press release statement, Morgan said, “In 1994, KSFO flipped the switch and became THE conservative voice for the Bay Area. I had some amazing opportunities during the early days, from the Recall of Gray Davis, banning the cancer-causing MTBE gasoline additive mandate, and fighting liberalism in the streets of Berkeley. The best work we accomplished together was supporting our United States military men and women in the War Against Terror, and by sending over 300 tons of care packages to our troops overseas, God Bless each and every service member. I am psyched to have a second chance to re-connect with old friends and make new ones as part of the Brian Sussman and Melanie Morgan show.”

KSFO and KGO News and Program Director Paul Hosley stated "We're thrilled to have Melanie back on KSFO. She's very popular with listeners, and we're looking forward to her many contributions on the revamped morning show."

Mel also writes here at this post:

The Sussman, our KSFO crew and I plan big things for 2012, and we can’t do them without you, our loyal listeners. Important safety tip for Obama: Read up on the recall of ex-Gov. Gray Davis, a liberal man in a state that has suffered many love affairs with liberal politicians.

Let’s remind ourselves why we will work our derrieres off to defeat Obama this year. We know, dear listeners, that you are well-educated and you stay on top of the politics of destruction and the monsters - who usually sport a big-D after their names -who unleash their socialist plans on us.

Are you better off today than you were three years ago? If you answered yes, then you are probably an owner of Solyndra, the now bankrupt solar company that was quite cozy with the corrupt Obama. For review: Obama visited the solar company in a media blitz and touted it as a success. A short time later, Solyndra – which had raised more than $1 billion from investors and got a half-billion dollar loan guarantee from the Obama Administration – laid off 1,100 workers. (And we wonder why California’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed under Obama. Yet his cronies and he are getting richer).

...But help is on the way!!! Sussman, you and I are going to push hard for real change and real hope and real Constitutional government. I am so ready to work with all of you again. We have made major change before. We know how to do it. My naturally blonde roots are dyed, my nails are sharp, my brain is sharper and I’m sitting next to Sussman! Let’s get ‘er done!

Happy New Year!!!

I mean, a REALLY, REALLY HAPPY 2012!!!!

Mel has been a great friend and one of the earliest supporters of this blog via KSFO and her website. I'm happy she's back at her radio home in the mornings in the Bay Area. As stated earlier, Richard Milhous Obama and the corrupt Democrat establishment better be on notice. Just ask former CA Governor Red Davis.

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