Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Howard Stern Defends Marines For Pi$$ing On Taliban: "God Bless These Guys"

Not a fan of the guy, but this is pretty interesting (NSFW - language warning).

From the Examiner:

"These guys are warriors. And if a guy wants to take out his d**k and piss on a f***ing terrorist that he just killed, God love them! They’re into their job! Are you kidding me? If I was over there risking my life every day and some motherf***er was shooting at me? You’re g**damn right…I’d piss all over them...You f**k with us, we piss on your grave. That’s warriors. What are we kidding here? What are we playing a game? These are people who want to blow our asses up in the middle of the night!... Do you know what energy it takes to kill a man? And then you have to have some sort of release…You’re killing them. What do you care if they piss on them?"

Stern even went so far as to say that he "liked" the video and thinks it sends a "good message" to American enemies abroad, citing the 9/11 tragedies (sic) as justification:

“Guess what? We’re angry. We’re AN-GRY…Our people got blown up in a building. They all died. They had a choice: they could jump to their death or be burned to death. They were doing nothing to these people. Now, you want to play by the rules? I liked it. I think it’s a good message—not only will you get killed, but we’ll piss on you.”

Stern was broadcasting live from New York City on September 11, 2001. He remained on air throughout the morning and reported live as he and the cast watched the World Trade Center towers crumble.

Recent reports suggest that the Marines seen urinating on the corpses are likely to face a court martial.

So is CAIR and Media Mutters going to go after Stern?

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