Thursday, January 26, 2012

"He's Very Thin Skinned"...Obama Doesn't Take Criticism From Governors Very Well

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was on Greta van Susteren's show last night and talked about the exchange she and Richard Milhous Obama had after he got off Air Force One (Gateway Pundit).

Here's a clip of the exchange from local Phoenix news.

Also, via Nice Deb (where the above clip came from), comes this story about something similar that happened to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, noted in The Weekly Standard: Thou Shalt Not Write Bad Things About Obama:

Bobby Jindal got the same treatment when Obama came to visit Louisiana and the governor met him on the tarmac. Jindal would later recount in his book:

I was expecting words of concern about the oil spill, worry about the pending ecological disaster, and words of confidence about how the federal government was here to help. Or perhaps he was going to vent about BP’s slow response. But no, the president was upset about something else. And he wanted to talk about, well, food stamps. Actually, he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a day earlier.

The letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic, and ordinary. .  .  . We were simply asking the federal government to authorize food stamps for those who were now unemployed because of the oil spill. Governors regularly make these sorts of requests to the federal government when facing disaster.

But somehow, for some reason, President Obama had personalized this. And he was upset

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