Friday, January 27, 2012

Has The Damage Been Done To Newt?

I'm not talking about last night's debate, which was not good for him, and it also showed Romney to be what I and so many others have said about him as far as his dishonesty and Romneycare.

But it is the fact the Republican establishment has been so hell bent on having Romney as the GOP nominee that they, Romney and his surrogates are willing to blatantly lie to get it.

Yesterday, Dan Riehl exposed one lie on the Newt video allegedly saying Bush couldn't win trying to be Reagan. Today, Jeffrey Lord exposed how Elliot Abrams mislead readers into thinking Newt bashed Reagan on the House floor in 1986. Here's his story in the American Spectator.

Yeah, it's great that all this clarity has been brought out and counters the "Newt isn't a real Reagnite" narrative these Mitt-Witts have been trying to foist on the GOP voters. But I begin to wonder if the damage has already been done to Newt, where, in addition to last night, it might be too late to recover.

The only possibility is that voters in Florida will maybe see through this mud and be so turned off at how Romney and his surrogates act so nasty, but he stands up at a podium spewing his pious baloney when he's attacked as it being unfair.

I heard in the radio news while in the car that the 2008 loser, John McLame, made some lame joke today at a campaign stop "let's send Newt to the moon and Romney to the White House." McLame sounds as mean as that other establishment loser from 1996, "Viagra Bob" Dole. But there is also the point that the Obama Regime cutting the space industry has led to job losses in Florida. Could McLame and Romney be turning off voters by making jokes about the space program, which could be revived under a Newt Administration?

Newt does hit back hard in this new ad:

Will this be enough to make the difference or has the damage been done?

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