Monday, January 23, 2012

HA HA!!! Sarah Palin Slams Chris Christie For Attacks On Newt. Says He "Got His Panties In A Wad"

With a smile and snicker, Sarah Palin took down the fat boy governor of New Jersey and his Tony Soprano attitude, after he bashed Newt Gingrich on Meet the Depressed yeaterday (Real Clear Politics, video from Gateway Pundit).

"Poor Chris, this is a rookie mistake. He played right into the media's hands," Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) said about NJ Gov. Chris Christie calling Newt Gingrich an "embarrassment" to the party.

"Sometimes, if your candidate loses in just one step along this path, as was the case when Romney lost to Newt the other night. And of course, Romney is Chris Christie's guy, well you kind of get your panties in a wad and you may say things that you regret later and I think that is what Chris Christie did," Palin added.

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Alan said...

It would have been funnier if she had said "Granny panties"!