Monday, January 23, 2012

GOP Establishment In Meltdown: Romney & Surrogates Attack Newt Using Language Of The Left

That noise you're hearing? It's the Country Club, GOP establishment having a meltdown after their anointed candidate, Willard "Mitt" Romney got trounced by Newt Gingrich in South Carolina.

This wasn't the way it was supposed to turn out. Romney, through his surrogates and other GOP elitists, planted enough doubt in people's minds to make Sarah Palin appear extreme and unelectable. Rick Perry, we were told by the elites, wasn't going to be a factor in the nomination.

This weekend changed all that. No wonder the elitists like phony conservative Ann Coulter are looking down their noses at the unsophisticated hicks in South Carolina, as they view them, because their candidate and failed moderate ideology was rejected. Think I'm kidding about how the elitists look at us conservatives? Romney's South Carolina support came from people earning over $200,000 and were moderate to liberal.

So the attacks started, beginning in Slick Willard's concession speech that displayed such a lack of grace and statesmanship for someone who wants to be President. It continued yesterday, with Coulter and the object of her girl crush...Chris Christie, who attacked Newt using the language of the Left.

'Newt Gingrich has embarrassed the party over time,' he said. 'Whether he'll do it again in the future I don't know, but Governor Romney never has.'

He added: 'He was run out of the speakership by his own party. He was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. This is a guy who has had a very difficult political career at times and has been an embarrassment to the party.'

This was from Christie's appearance on Meet the Depressed in New York. Christie has been spending a lot of time out of New Jersey, probably because the state isn't big enough to hold his oversized ego, as well as his fat ass.

Romney today sounded not only like he was mounting the same attacks on captialism (which he claimed Newt was doing against him), but also parroting Nancy Pelosi's talking points (Washington ComPost)...

A combative Mitt Romney on Monday broadened his call for Newt Gingrich to release records from his work as a consultant, speculating that those documents and records from a House ethics investigation from his time as speaker could show “potentially wrongful activity of some kind.”

We could see an October surprise a day from Newt Gingrich,” Romney told reporters at a media availability here. “And so let’s see the records from the ethics investigation, let’s see what they show. Let’s see who his clients were at the time he was lobbying Republican congressmen for Medicare Part D.

“Was he working or were his entities working with any health-care companies that could’ve benefited from that? That could represent not just evidence of lobbying but potentially wrongful activity of some kind.”

Romney — who has come under fire for not releasing his tax returns, and has promised to do so Tuesday — also called on his surging rival to return the money he was paid by housing giant Freddie Mac.

More at Slate from Dave Weigel...

Wrongful activity? In a small gaggle after Romney's exist, his adviser Eric Ferhnstrom left that meaning open to the darkest possible interpretation. It was impossible to know Gingrich's issues, he said, unless every shred of info about the 1990s ethics investigations were put out.

"We want to know what Nancy Pelosi knows," said Fehrnstrom. He was referring to an offhand comment the Democratic leader made last year, that she'd served on the team investigating Gingrich and knew how much dirt there was. "When Pelosi said that, Newt got very upset."

Yeah, he got upset and rightly so. She was essentially trying to blackmail voters and Newt. These ethics charges, as "The Great One" Mark Levin pointed out tonight, were frivolus charges filed by far-Left wing former Congressman David Bonior (who was also one of the Three Democrat stooges who denounced President Bush as a liar while in Saddam Hussein's Iraq).

So, where are you phony conservatives, who were so quick to hit Newt for supposedly "attacking capitalism" (which was utter crap). Are you going to attack Slick Willard and Fat Boy Christie for attacking Newt making money and using Nancy Pelosi's talking points?

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