Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Call Newt Or Perry "Anti-Captialist Or "Occupiers" For Attacking Romney On Bain Captial

I'm sorry to say how disappointed I am at some people on our side, many of whom I have a lot of admiration for, due their rank hypocrisy in attacking Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry for examining Willard "Mitt" Romney's business dealings with Bain Capital.

Dr. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection stole a lot of my thunder this morning:

Funny, when Mitt Romney and his supporters played Mediscare against Rick Perry on social security and class warfare on capital gains tax rates for those making over $200,000 per year, I don’t recall a chorus of objections that Romney was using leftist rhetoric and giving ammunition to Obama against the then leading Republican candidate.

When Mitt Romney and his supporters played class warfare against Newt Gingrich, portraying him as a greedy Washington insider who spent too much money at Tiffany’s, made too much per hour in his consulting business, and ran a think tank which received funding from health care companies, I don’t recall the denunciations that Romney was using leftist rhetoric and giving ammunition to Obama against the then leading Republican candidate.

When Mitt Romney and his supporters spent several weeks and millions of dollars portraying Newt as mentally unfit for office, or “zany” in Romney’s words, I don’t recall many people in the conservative media being concerned that Romney was irrevocably damaging someone who at the time was on track to be our nominee.

But now that Mitt Romey’s Bain days are under scrutiny, all of the sudden the most likely nominee must be protected, and questioning Romney’s narrative of job creation and business practices are off limits as “attacking from the left.”

Below is a Romney flier where, like the liberal he really is, attempted to scare senior citizens in Florida that Rick Perry would take their Socialist Security from them.

So all you Romney defenders, where was your outrage then?

Let's not forget too, that aides close to Romney launched attacks on Sarah Palin even before the 2008 election was decided, as well as in the summer of last year, because she was seen as a potential 2012 candidate.

Like Obama, Romney has had to resort to mudslinging and personal attacks against his GOP opponents because he, like Obama, has a record that is thin to unremarkable at best. He's a guy who likes to remind us he's not a career politician, but has spent almost 20 years running (unsuccessfully for the most part) for some public office. Even in his acceptance speech last night in New Hampshire, Romney couldn't help but take veiled swipes against Newt and Perry.

Talk about unstatesmanlike. Romney can talk all he wants about a Shining City on a Hill, but he'll never be Ronald Reagan, because Reagan did not lower himself to petty, personal attacks against his opponents in order to get elected.

Dan Riehl is another writer who is right on the money about Romney:

But the GOP establishment - and some useful idiots with no depth of understanding of what's actually going on - are picking up the mantle of it's an attack on capitalism. No it's not. This is as much a discussion about values and priorities, as it is about commerce. Romney didn't build plants, or a manufacturing base. He sold those things off and most of the jobs he created, if many at all - he's lying about that - were part-time, minimum wage jobs without benefits.

Don't believe me, check with Business Insider.

CHART: Mitt Romney's Great Big Jobs Creation Lie

Point being, if you think a Mitt Romney is going to re-set this country back to the age of Roosevelt in terms of conservatism versus progressivism, he's not. What we'll get is simply more contemporary progressive big government. Meanwhile, Newt and Perry are both more Constitutionally grounded than is Romney, in those terms. Hence, they are both the more conservative choice over Romney.

But because parts of the base have been conditioned to respond to buzz words like dog whistles, many are running around spouting nonsense about some manufactured war on capitalism that doesn't even exist. That is total bullshit. And if the GOP thinks that, especially in these times, it can rely on its current corporatist elite to win an election when many a working man is pissed off, if not un-employed, it's crazy.

Say what you want about Newt or Perry on the issues, (and I've criticized ALL of the candidates here before deciding to support Perry), one thing you cannot say is they're "anti-Capitalist" or "Occupiers."

Don't tell me a guy who led the 1994 takeover of Congress that reformed welfare and balanced the budget is like some trust fund kid or anarchist who is squatting in rat infested park!

Don't tell me the Governor of Texas who has led the nation in promoting policies that create jobs is somehow "anti-capitalist!"

So what's next? Is "PETA Freak" going to be the next slur used by Romney's Bain Captial defenders to attack anyone who brings up how Mittens tied Seamus the family dog to the roof of the car for a 12 hour trip to Canada and laughs about it?

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