Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dictator Obama Thwarts Constitution, Makes Recess Appointments Without Senate Confirmation

This is why we need to pick the right person to run in November (Legal Insurrection).
Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau correctly is portrayed as a naked power grab.

First, the Senate is not in recess. Harry Reid and other Democrats in the past treated the current Senate pro forma business status as not being in recess.

Second, the Dodd-Frank legislation which created the position Cordray will fill specifically requires Senate confirmation. A recess appointment is not confirmation under any scenario.

According to Greg Sargent, Obama has more recess appointments lined up for the NLRB. (MIM Note: Obama made those appointments as well today)

So are the appointments really the issue? In part, yes, but they are just the excuse. Obama’s campaign theme is to run against Congress. What better way to run against Congress than to create a confrontation with Congress?

Republicans in Congress have no choice but to retaliate against this power grab, and that is just what Obama wants. He wants a crisis he can take advantage of, perhaps over the FICA holiday which runs out in February (how smart were the Tea Party congressman for opposing a short term extension?).

Obama was elected by crisis, he seeks to create crisis at every turn, and he never lets a good crisis go to waste.

It's easier to run against Congress, especially when you define "leadership" as telling them "figure it out, I'll be on the golf course" and then complain that Congress "does nothing." Obama cannot lead, he just points the finger and blames, then uses it as an excuse to grab power in violation of the Constitution and the Oath he swore to uphold.

Mitch McConnell released a toothless statement that was what we've come to expect of the leading Senate GOP eunuch. And you wonder why Dictator Obama acts in such a lawless manner? Harry Reid is just as guilty, and if we had leaders in the Senate, that corrupt, slimy SOB would be removed from office and imprisoned.

It will not be a timid northeastern RINO who is too afraid to call him a socialist that will sway voters and fill them with righteous indignation to rid this criminal from the Oval Office. It will take someone with the fortitude to call Obama what he is...a lawless, ruthless, socialist dictator in the style of Hugo Chavez who is taking this nation closer to tyrannical regimes our grandfathers spilled their blood to defeat almost 70 years ago.

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