Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bain Capital Was A Factor In Romney's 1994 Loss When GOP Otherwise Swept The Nation

For the benefit of all those who are being critical of Newt Gingrich and the other contenders for the Republican nomination for President for bringing up Bain Capital to use against Willard "Mitt" Romney, pay attention to this clip from 1994.

Ace of Spades, who posted the above clip, also had this to say:

When Romney went after Perry claiming he wanted to end Social Security, and hitting him generally for calling it unconstitutional (it arguably is) and a ponzi scheme (it likely is), people said, "Hey, these are general election liabilities; Perry should have to respond to these charges. The left will make them."

Well, same deal with Bain Capital. This is a general election liability; Romney should have to respond to these charges. The left will hit him on this (and in fact already is).

But instead it's this full-court press that you can't say that.

Why not? Why does Romney get a complete Hall Pass throughout the entire primary season?

Properly vetting all our candidates is a two way street.  So let's bring this out now.

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