Friday, January 27, 2012

BACKLASH! Drudge Report Readership Falls By Two Million Hits Yesterday

Thanks to iOwnTheWorld for the link!

In a stunning rebuke to his hidden advocacy for liberal Republican Willard Romney yesterday, Matt Drudge's groundbreaking Drudge Report website lost two million readers yesterday.

This was after Drudge posted ten anti-Newt Gingrich stories yesterday morning, getting up to 14 later in the day. (Kristinn Tayor at FreeRepublic).

The Drudge Report saw a drop in traffic yesterday of two million hits in the wake of proprietor Matt Drudge's two-day attack on Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

Drudge started his attack on Gingrich Wednesday evening with a banner headline accusing Gingrich of insulting former President Ronald Reagan. Drudge carried on the attack all through Thursday, at one time having fourteen anti-Newt headlines at once.

The assault on Gingrich prompted many supporters to announce they were swearing off the Drudge Report with some saying they would stop using it as their home page.

According to statistics posted by the Drudge Report, the site's hits on Wednesday, January 26, were 33, 807, 227.

Yesterday the hits, as published today on the Drudge Report, were down a full two million to 31, 802, 534.

As of yesterday, Drudge Report, S.E. Cupp, and National Review Online are no longer in my blogroll, since they want to be shills for a liberal Republican. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of reception Ann Coulter gets at CPAC this year.

Who knows what might happen in the Floriday Primary, but the antics of the Romney acolytes against Newt and his dirty campaigning in general have, from my review of online comments yesterday, have turned so many off that many will not vote for him, if he is the nominee.


Rose said...

Count me in the ranks of those who are turned off by our conservative pundits and outlets choosing sides and participating in the circular firing squad.

Vetting is necessary, but sending our gladiator into the final battle bloodied and poisoned by what should be friendly fire is inexcusable in an election where the fate of the world is at stake - and it is.

Eric said...

Just read Rush's piece on Elliot Abrams re: Newt and Reagan. Apparently the "no-spin zone" doesn't exist outside of Fox News and the O'Reilly factor? Apparently someone didn't do their homework. Apparently, so-called journalists are lazy.

Apparently Newt, despite his "baggage" still carry's the water for Conservatism even if he may be the only one...


JustAnAubie said...

Ok I'm confused. I am no fan of Mitt for sure but Gingrich? Seriously? He supports single payer, amnesty, global warming, Dede Scozzafuzzy Bear...just about any lib cause he has come down in favor of. He is to say the least erratic. He trashed Paul Ryan for right-wing social engineering. He cheated on two wives. He was removed as Speaker in disgrace. He alienates everybody. He has a 60% unfavorable rating. I could go on...and on...and on. For the life of me I am clueless as to what any rational person sees in this man. You can bet your ass the Libs will have a field day with him once we get past the conventions. God help us if Newt gets the nomination. It will be four more agonizing years of the Imperial Presidency and America may not survive.