Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Example Of How Dysfunctional The Republican Party Has Become

With the doubling down by the GOP Country Club establishment behind Willard "Mitt" Romney, it appears as all sanity has left the party. That's true not just at a national level, but at a state level as well.

We've seen it in Virginia, where the (pro-Romney) Republican Party of Virginia used a lawsuit against them to change the rules conveniently for Romney one month before the deadline to turn in petitions to get on the ballot. That change of rules "in mid-stream" caused Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich to have petitioners disqualified, in a way not done before, and they were taken off the ballot.

Now, in Pennsylvania, my friend Tania at Midnight Blue reports about how the PA GOP has endorsed (get ready for this one!!!) Arlen Specter Jr. for the Republican Senate Candidate. She writes:

As a republican committeewoman, I cannot support this endorsement. I will be voting in April for anyone other than Welch and advising my constituents to do the same.

Chris Friend summarized this losing endorsement:

Incomprehensibly, but not surprisingly, certain factions within the GOP leadership are pushing to endorse Montgomery County’s Steve Welch, a candidate who:

A) Became a Democrat because the GOP wasn’t conservative enough,

B) Financially supported (former) Congressman Joe Sestak, one of the most liberal members of Congress, and

C) Voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

Actually, Welch became a Democrat in reaction to Katrina. Silly, I know, but that is the character of Steve Welch – in black and white.

Specter Jr? I believe so. Read the facts and vote accordingly in April.

Remember how his father, former Senator Arlen Sphincter, was a former Democrat who switched parties in 1980 to ride the Reagan wave to the US Senate, only to switch parties in 2009 and become the key vote for Richard Milhous Obama to have a filibuster proof majority for a brief time in the US Senate.

They don't call the Republican Party "The Stupid Party" for nothing!

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Skye said...

Thanks for posting :) Stupidity in the PA GOP is part of its DNA, the level of stupidity is what astounds me.

In April's primary, with any luck, Republicans will replace Welch with someone better.