Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ann Coulter Repeats Jumping Of Shark....Now Says Santorum "More Cathoilc Than Conservative"

More rationalizing the irrational -- Romney as the person to beat Obama -- from Ann Coulter (h/t Legal Insurrection).

As a two-time senator from a light-blue state, Rick Santorum is not as obviously unelectable as the rest. But don’t leap too fast, Republicans. Remember how Rick Perry broke your heart.

Santorum is not as conservative as his social-issues credentials suggest. He is more of a Catholic than a conservative, which means he’s good on 60 percent of the issues, but bad on others, such as big government social programs. He’d be Ted Kennedy if he didn’t believe in God.

Santorum may not be a big spender as far as professional politicians go, but he is still a professional politician. In 2005, one of his former aides described him as “a Catholic missionary who happens to be in the Senate.”

Santorum would be Ted Kennedy if he didn't believe in God? As far as I know, Ann, Rick Santorum hasn't driven drunk off a bridge and drowned a woman, or done "waitress sandwiches" with Chris Dodd.

First it was attacking Sarah Palin's followers, then playing the race card against the Tea Party, tweeting a joke about Rick Perry not showing up drunk, and comparing Newt Gingrich to Ahmadamnutjob. All because she is for Mitt Romney when she was originally against him.

Fonzie only "jumped the shark" once (look up the term), Ann Coulter has held onto the rope and has been repeatedly jumping the shark!

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Quite Rightly said...

We can expect to hear plenty more attacks on Santorum because of his religious beliefs, or is it because he actually has religious beliefs?