Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tell Tim Kaine To Keep His Damn Dishonest Ads Off Conservative Blogs

Just as that uncivil monster known as Alan Grayson has had his ads pop up on conservative blogs, so has Tim Kaine, the former part-time governor of Virginia / DNC chair who is running for the retiring Jim Webb's US Senate seat.

Kaine's ads are attacks on the Tea Party and Citizens United (who won the lawsuit that showed McLame/Feingold as unconstitutional because it restricted free political speech. (See examples of screenshots I've taken over the last couple of months that blog ad services have placed at random on conservative blogs).

Liberals like Kaine don't want to run on their record of failure, or of supporting Obama's failures. Instead, their strategy has been to attack private citizens for holding dissenting opinions from the liberal groupthink.

Since Tim Kaine wants to attack Karl Rove (who I'm admittedly not a fan of), private citizens who make up the Tea Party, and others for "false messages," let me tell you about the Tim Kaine I've been watching over the last four years in Virginia.

As many areas of Virginia made tougher laws against those in the country illegally, Kaine, as Governor, wanted to offer state programs that would act as magnets for illegals to come to the Commonwealth.

Instead of resigning, Kaine became a part-time governor in his last year in office, while becoming head of the DNC.  This included being head of Obama's astroturf organization being run through the DNC, and travelling to events like the ESPY Awards with the DNC was reimbursing his expenses to the Commonwealth.  Kaine also spent $500,000 in Virginia funds for buses to the Obama Immaculation.

Kaine pardoned three men who were imprisoned for life sentences on murder and rape, as their case was being championed by Kaine contributor, novelist John Grisham.  In his last few months as governor, he tried to disenfranchise military voters through his appointed State Board of Election chairwoman.  As he was heading out the doors of his part-time job as Governor, Kaine's parting gift to the Commonwealth was a proposed tax increase that was shot down by current Governor Bob McDonnell.

While representing the DNC, Kaine sided with radicals who wanted to build a mosque near the sacred ground that once housed the World Trade Center in New York under "religious freedom," but as Governor of Virginia, he fired Virginia Police chaplains who ended prayers with "In Jesus Name." Kaine as DNC chir also oversaw not only the failed Obama stimulus, but also Obamacare and the cutting of $500 billion to Medicare to pay for this risky scheme. Kaine called it a great achievement, but it has turned out to be a disaster for working people, as their premiums have shot through the roof (unless of course, you're one of Obama's liberal allies or union supporters who received a waiver). (Video below found at Virginia Right).

So Timmy boy, tell these ad services to keep your damn dishonest ads off of conservative blogs and stick them on Daily Kooks or some other lib website. You're not a moderate, you're not a "Blue Dog." You are just a party hack who would be another vote for more socialism, more taxes, and less freedom.

Just do Virginia and America a favor and go away!

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Henry Krinkle said...

It's nice to find a fellow driver that sees the absurdity in this whole occupy fiasco. It's embarrassing. Like the blog, I put up a link to it on my site. Alan Grayson is a terrible person, I'm ashamed to have people like that speaking on behalf of our country.

I drive taxi in San Diego, do check it out if you get a chance.

- Henry