Sunday, December 25, 2011

Signatures For Virginia Primary Gathered By Perry, Gingrich May Have Been Unfairly Excluded

This is an interesting development (VA Right, via Doug Ross).

I’m no attorney but I do know how to find and read the laws of Virginia.

Various reports have stated that the signatures turned in by Newt Gingrich included at least 2,000 that were invalidated because there was no address given with the signature.

If this were a Virginia Statewide office, that would be correct. But this is a Presidential Primary. And while the rules are similar, they are actually addressed in two separate sections of the Virginia Code.

There is a requirement in a Statewide General Election that the address be included, but there is no such requirement for a presidential primary. The number of signatures are the same, 10,000 and 400 per Congressional District. But the address requirements are different.

VA Right also includes the two sections of Virginia Election Code at question:

I know from Friday that Perry's campaign was going to contest the ruling, I'm guessing Newt's will as well.  I'm hoping their lawyers are aware of this.

This has been a real heated topic among a lot of conservatives and Republican voters in the state. Though I really want to stay away from conspiracy theories, and especially when there is no proof, you can't help but wonder if Romney has been greasing the skids in various areas in his favor, as he's essentially been running for President for the last five years. Just the fact that he and the loon Ron Paul would be our only choices raises suspicions, especially since Gov. Bob McDonnell has appeared with Romney at a lot of events, including one last month at Fairfax County GOP headquarters.

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Jon Moseley said...

Not only that, but there are some defects that are considered fatal and some that are considered curable. So even if the address is not included, it is not a fatal defect.