Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ron Paul Plays The Bigotry Card Against Bachmann & Santorum

As written earlier, I've been pretty disappointed in and had harsh words for Michele Bachmann and how she's become the kneecapper of any GOP frontrunner (except Mitt Romney).

But I have to defend her as well as Rick Santorum against the most vicious attack on them by that loon Ron Paul...the bigotry card.

In case you missed it, RuPaul was on Jay Leno's show the other night and implied that Bachmann doesn't like Muslims and wants to go after them, and that Rick Santorum hates gays.

This smear goes beyond either Bachmann or Santorum. It implies that anyone who thinks Iran and Islamofascism is a threat to the United States and the world simply hates Muslims because of racism. That is not only simplistic and an unintelligent argument, it also shows complete ignorance of the history of the world since 1979.

The same goes with the simplistic notion that Rick Santorum, his supporters, or anyone else doesn't like gays. In fact, I seem to recall how Santorum pointed out to Ron Paul that Iran "tramples on the rights of women, tramples on the rights of gays."

But don't worry RuPaul. The bigotry card goes both ways. It's one thing to call someone a bigot because you don't agree with them (like you, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and liberals do). But what about your record, Mr. Paul?

You're on record opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Then there's the subject of your newsletters. See Atlas Shrugs for more on that subject.

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Jacob said...

If you don't like the bigotry card, why play it on Ron Paul yourself over those old newsletters.

If he's supposedly a racist, Peter Brimelow definitely is and his openly racist group sponsored CPAC last year if we're going to get into the left's race card games.