Friday, December 02, 2011

Occupy DC Squatters Protest Outside DCCC Fundraiser; Democrat Congresswoman From Maryland Supports Them "It's Time For Us To Occupy America"

More for show or to get attention from their liberal sympathizers? (NBC Washington)

Members and supporters of the Occupy DC movement took aim at the Democratic Party Thursday night.

The Occupiers held a protest outside a building in the 700 block of 15th Street NW where the group said the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was hosting a private fundraising event.

In a press release, Occupy DC said the fundraiser is charging $5,000 to $75,000 per ticket. It described the event as "elitist" and another example of the government's failure to represent 99 percent percent of its citizens.

Thursday marked the two month anniversary of Occupy DC which was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Judging by the video I've found on YouTube, their protest was tame, compared to the violence they brought to the Americans for Prosperty summit almost a month ago, when they were pushing elderly women down stairs and harassing families with kids.

Looks like they were doing this protest for appearances sake.

And check this out...they had one Democrat supporter who offered her support (Kerry Picket - Washington Times).
Congresswoman Donna Edwards, Maryland Democrat, addressed the Occupy DC protesters on her way out of the hotel.

"I walked in and didn't acknowledge you. (MIM note: and the cultists repeated her) and I couldn't walk out and not acknowledge you. I stand by the 99 percent. In my district are the 99 percent," she said. "People who lost their homes. People who lost their jobs. People whose incomes is below $50,000 a year-the lowest median income in decades. It's not fair. It's not right. And it's time for us to occupy America."

Apparently, one Democrat angered protesters after a comment he was was overheard saying. An Occupy DC protester told me he rode in the W hotel elevator with Rep. Gutierrez. The DC protester claimed, "Congressman Gutierrez said that he was part of the one percent. He joked about it on the way up in the elevator. And he said that occupiers are a bunch of anarchists in a disparaging sense...not in a philosophical correct sense."

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