Saturday, December 24, 2011

Obama Jets Off To His $4 Million Christmas Vacation, Contrast That With Reagan & G.W. Bush Staying In DC

Now that the petulant child got his way (thanks to the spineless GOP leadership in Congress) on the payroll tax holiday, Richard Milhous Obama has jetted off to Hawaii for his $4 million Christmas vacation, which you and I are paying for.

But there is an interesting tidbit to how two President's whom liberals detest spent their Christmas.

LA Slimes, from today in 1988.

Twenty-eight days before they will make it their permanent address, President and Mrs. Reagan moved into their $2.5-million Bel-Air home Friday.

They are spending their first Christmas out of the White House since they moved into it on Jan. 20, 1981.

Similarly, George W. Bush spent Christmas Day in DC, and then went to his Crawford, TX ranch afterwards. Both Reagan and Bush did this so that Secret Service agents could spend Christmas with their families.

Not so with the Obamas, who think they come first.

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