Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Obama, Democrats Play Election Year Politics With Payroll Tax Holiday, Then Have The Audacity To Blame GOP

So who are the real "Do Nothings" in our government?

Richard Milhous Obama and the Democrat leadership--Nancy Bella-Pelosi, Stingy Hoyer and "Dingy" Harry Reid.

The House GOP, as well as some Democrats, voted a week ago to give Obama what he was demogauging his opposition over...another one year extension of the payroll tax holiday.  But then, Obama and his liberal allies decided to move the goal posts, because a crisis must never go to waste. Dingy Harry got through a Senate version that only gave a two month extension, while he told the House "take it or leave it," leaving the issue for Obama to politicize as his re-election comes near.

So who's playing politics?

Brian Preston at PJ Tattler has more:

There really is no end to the cynicism of Barack Obama. Earlier today he slammed the House Republicans for rejecting the Senate’s version of the payroll tax cut extension, accusing the Republicans of “playing politics.” The president called for a year-long extension of the cut on Saturday, saying that it would be “inexcusable” for the cut not to be extended for a full year. Well, apparently now it’s excusable after the House Republicans passed a year-long extension but the Senate Democrats only passed a two-month extension. The House has rejected that and is calling for a conference committee to sort the bill out, but Harry Reid has adjourned the Senate for the holidays, and Nancy Pelosi says she will not appoint any Democrats to the conference committee. A two-month extension does nothing to help businesses or families plan for the long term, but it helps the Senate Democrats avoid the image of selling out their base over the XL Pipeline, a decision on which is included in both versions of the bill. Moments after the president’s remarks, Speaker John Boehner went on the air to call on the president to do something he is apparently utterly incapable of doing — put politics aside for once in his life and lead.

The House Republicans and President Obama are on the same side on the length of the tax cut extension. But Obama is siding with the Senate Democrats for purely political reasons.

Obama tabled the XL Pipeline decision itself for purely political reasons, to appease his green Luddite base, despite the fact that 60% support it and 78% expect it to be approved.

Even in his conduct of the war, this president place politics above all else, including national security.

What else is being delayed? The sustainable growth index for doctors who see patients with Medicare.

Why? So Obama, "Dingy" Harry, Bella-Pelosi and Stingy Hoyer can blame average citizens known as the Tea Party for saying enough of the overspending. All while they pander to a bunch of deadbeats and trust fund kids who crap on police cars, riot, rape and pillage in their temper tantrum against the "One Percent."

This is John Boehner on the floor of the House today.

While Obama wants to lecture him and the GOP about playing games. Well, who is the one playing games asshole? I know where we can cut a little over $4 million and that's taking away the damn keys to Air Force One. Why should you and Moochelle jet off to Hawaii at taxpayer expense and let the rest of us eat cake, while so many Americans can even take an overnight trip say 50 or 100 miles away because of your rotten economy?

You hate the one-percent so much, well quit acting like you're one of them while you're on our dime. In fact, I have a novel idea, spend Christmas at Camp David. Maybe if it's too cold for golf, you'll get some work done.

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