Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Obama Daughters' School Has Japanese Lunch for Pearl Harbor Day; He Uses Dec 7 To Push Class Warfare

From The Reliable Source in the Washington ComPost. Guess what the lunch menu at the elite Sidwell Friends private school, where the Obama daughters attend, has slated for today?

A lunch that will live in infamy? That’s what at least one parent at elite Sidwell Friends (yes, Sasha and Malia’s school!) wondered upon seeing what the school cafeteria listed as its “Pearl Harbor Day” menu Wednesday: A heavily Japanese-inspired lineup, including teriyaki chicken and edamame (as well as more generically Asian delicacies like tofu, fried rice, fortune cookies and “oriental noodle salad”). A school rep told us this was just a fluke — not a meal intended to commemorate the 1941 Japanese attack on U.S. forces: The contractor that prepares school lunches randomly assigned an Asian menu to Dec. 7, and the subcontractor that prints the calendars automatically marked Wednesday at Pearl Harbor Day. “It was completely coincidental,” said Ellis Turner, associate head of the school.

And someone at that school is so ignorant they don't know the significance of today?

But that's not all (Washington Times, via Nice Deb).
In a statement, Mr. Obama praised World War II veterans “who overcame the Depression, crossed oceans and stormed the beaches to defeat fascism, and turned adversaries into our closest allies.”

...“When the guns fell silent, they came home, went to school on the G.I. Bill, and built the largest middle class in history and the strongest economy in the world,” Mr. Obama said. “They remind us that no challenge is too great when Americans stand as one.”

...The president’s “stand as one” theme featured prominently in his speech in Kansas on Tuesday when he called for wealthier Americans to pay more in taxes, part of his endeavor to correct inequalities in wealth that Mr. Obama called “the defining issue of our time.”

Pushing class warfare on Pearl Harbor Day, alongside turning our generation's Pearl Harbor (September 11, 2001) into a National Day of there anything this bastard doesn't politicize?

What else should we expect from an anti-American President who wanted to apologize to Japan for Hiroshima?

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