Saturday, December 24, 2011

Newt & Perry Disqualified By Virginia GOP For Primary Ballot...Our Choices For President? Romney Or Paul

Well, we're so screwed!

The Virginia Republican Party has certified the petitions for the Presidential Primary in March and there will only be two choices for Republicans / conservatives to vote for to nominate for President: Flip Romney or the loon Ron Paul.

No write-in candidates are allowed in the primary, just in the general election.

Rick Perry had submitted 11,911 signatures, while Gingrich delivered 11,050. VA-GOP rules say 10,000 signatures must be gathered to put a candidate's name on the ballot, including 400 from each of the Commonwealth's 11 congressional districts.

Perry's campaign is going to contest the ruling, according to RedState. No word from Newt's campaign.

Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman did not submit signatures.

Enthused about voting in 2012? Yeah, me too. So far, the only reason I will be voting is to select Jamie Radtke to be the Republican candidate for US Senate.

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