Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Wins Elections In Egypt...Shariah Law Sweeping North Africa

Everyone said the so-called "Arab Spring" was a Democracy movement, including our failed President.

But a lot of us had suspicions...flashback.

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Now, in yesterday's USA Today: Muslim Brotherhood top winner in Egyptian election

Parties that want an expansion of Islamic law captured a clear majority of the votes in Egypt's first election since the uprising that ousted longtime authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak, according to results released Sunday.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party topped winners with 37% of the nearly 10 million valid ballots cast for party lists in the first of three electoral rounds for the Egyptian parliament.

The Brotherhood, a movement that seeks to expand Islamic law in many countries in the Middle East, prevailed in an election that included voters in Cairo and Alexandria, cities where liberal parties had hoped to exhibit their greatest strength.

Also winning big was the Nour Party, which took 24% of the vote. The party, dominated by the ultraconservative Salafis, did not exist until a few months ago. It seeks to impose strict Islamic law similar to Saudi Arabia in which women must be veiled and alcohol banned.

So many in the new media and talk radio were suspicious of this so-called Democracy movement, while the lapdog media and so many in Washington applauded it, because they are only interested in Obama getting foreign policy success.

So, let me join in on the chorus of "We Told You So!"

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