Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mitt "I'm Not A Bomb Thrower" Romney Throws Two Bombs In One Day At Newt Gingrich

So much for his claim to Newt Gingrich this past Saturday that he's "not a bomb thrower," former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney lobbed two verbal bombs at Gingrich today.

Prof. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has both instances of The Flipster getting low down and in the gutter against the former House Speaker, linking first to a NY Slimes blog post:

Mitt Romney is sharpening his warning to Republicans about the consequences of nominating Newt Gingrich as the party’s presidential candidate, declaring in an interview on Wednesday: “Zany is not what we need in a president.”

“Zany is great in a campaign. It’s great on talk radio. It’s great in print, it makes for fun reading,” Mr. Romney told The New York Times. “But in terms of a president, we need a leader and a leader needs to be someone who can bring Americans together.”

As well as a CBS Interview where Flip took a swipe at the Gingrich's Tiffany charge card.

This is why Flip Romney is the GOP version of Obama. Besides being a narcissist, he's thin-skinned, quick to anger and go into personal attacks, starting before the 2008 race ended, even using surrogates to do his dirty work. You can bet that, just like John McLame, Romney would hit Obama with kid gloves, unlike how he'll do anything to win the GOP nomination.

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling we just might see a Romney implosion at tomorrow night's debate.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. "I'm Not A Bombthrower," Newt was right about the Palestinians.

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