Friday, December 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann Accuses Newt Of Buying Tea Party Support...She Should Just Exit 2012 Primary With Grace (While She Can)

As I said earlier today, I've loved Michele Bachmann and the way she's been a great Congresswoman, fighting Obamacare and the big government agenda of Obama.

But I won't hold my tongue anymore. I'm getting tired of how Michele appears to be playing Tanya Harding for Mitt Romney in trying to kneecap any front runner except the flip-flopping former Massachusetts governor (her attacks on Ron Paul are the exception).

Her latest low blow on Newt Gingrich is outlined by Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection.

Her campaign is up to much worse in South Carolina, where her local campaign manager has suggested that the Gingrich campaign has paid off Tea Party leaders for support. Politico reported earlier this week:

Her S.C. spokesman Wesley Donohue made the accusation against Gingrich last month in an interview with the Columbia Free-Times:

"Bachmann is trying to grow an organic base of supporters, and Newt Gingrich is trying to buy off tea party groups. … Newt Gingrich knows the only way he can get the tea party vote is to buy it."

When King asked Bachmann tonight to support or deny it, she deferred to Donohue but said she’s been “hearing” about these occurrences around the country:

"Well, Wesley would have to speak to that himself with what evidence he has, but this is something that we’ve been hearing all across the country, that money is changing hands, and that’s not how I do business. In fact I’ve told people, I’ve told evangelicals, I’ve told tea partiers, I don’t pay people to come out and be my supporters, that’s not what I do. When we have tea party groups and all of the rest, I don’t do that because I’m just a real person."

Bachmann’s gotten in hot water before for making claims without backup, and it’s not clear whether there is more to this one.

The Daily Caller also reported on the accusations of payoffs. Tea Party officials in South Carolina are pushing back:

A dozen South Carolina Tea Party leaders take a swipe at Bachmann in a statement today, making it clear they don’t like what they’re being accused of:

The South Carolina tea parties have a well-developed network and history of working together on statewide campaigns and legislative issues, and we are disappointed and angry that the Bachmann campaign is using this negative strategy in an attempt to divide us.

The full statement is printed at RedState.

Bachmann is trying to split the Tea Party vote in South Carolina, which had been coalescing around Newt, which will give rise to this headline which will have the Romney campaign popping champagne corks, again: Fractured S.C. Tea Party may be non-factor in GOP primary.

I have been warning you about Bachmann for months. Spreading rumors of payoffs directed at the Tea Party is just the latest confirmation.

And all her problems started when she hired Ed Rollins, and he decided to engage in Palin-bashing. Bachmann ignored warnings about Rollins.

And quite frankly, I'm getting sick of all the attempts by the GOP to usher the rest of us into voting for a guy that over 70 percent of the GOP voters don't want (Romney), using Ann Coulter, Christine "The Witch" O'Donnell and now Nikki Haley. Frankly, I still have questions about Newt, but I'd definitely vote for and support him if he were the nominee. freaking way.

It's time for Michele Bachmann to leave the primary while she can exit with some dignity and grace. If she's holding out to be Mitt's choice for VP, I don't see where she will help his chances. Conservatives don't want the consolation prize again like 2008, and would likely view her as a backstabber who helped take out possible conservative nominees for a liberal, Northeastern governor who is the GOPs version of John Kerry and Richard Milhous Obama.

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