Thursday, December 01, 2011

Heard About Rick Perry's Or Michele Bachmann's Latest Gaffe?

On Iran and when Election Day 2012 is? Yeah, I'm sure you have, because the lapdog media couldn't wait to tell you.

You didn't hear Obama calling the British Embassy "English Embassy, err, the embassy of the United Kingdom" did you? Well he did.

The guy whom libs think is so much smarter than us mere mortals also once said he'd visited 57 states in America, thinks a breathalyzer is what you give asthma patients, saw the ghosts of fallen veterans in the audience at his Memorial Day speech, and refers to a Navy medic as a "corpse-man."

Yet Perry, Bachmann and other conservatives are so dumb. Never mind Perry has successfully governed one of the biggest states in the nation for the last 10 years, and Bachmann was an attorney and did other things before going into politics. That's nothing compared to teaching Saul Alinsky radicalism and being a community organizer in Chicago, according to the libs in the lapdog media.

Where else have we seen this? The lapdogs in the media say any and all criticism of Obama is racist, and, somehow, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin convinced Bush-hating, 9/11 troofer Jared Loughner to shot Gabby Giffords in the head, wound 13 others and kill six in Tucson, AZ earlier this year.

However, black conservative Herman Cain is called a "monkey in the window," a "lawn jockey" whose campaign for President is a "minstrel show," and one lib comedian said Cain would "be lucky to be a doorman." Add to that how an OccupyWallStreet sympathizer posts a death threat to conservative female governor Nikki Haley.

The lapdog media's response is to what I pointed out in that last paragraph is to just shrug their shoulders.

And we're supposed to believe there's an objective mainstream media?

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