Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hamas-Linked CAIR Silences WordPress Blogger Bare Naked Islam

What happened to freedom of speech in America?

First saw this on Gateway Pundit, Zilla of the Resistance has the background:

Bare Naked Islam is a popular and edgy counter-jihad blog that recently found itself in CAIR's cross-hairs because BNI supported the right of home improvement store Lowe's to not be forced to advertise (and pay for said advertising) on a low-rated TV show that tries to whitewash islamic supremacism. CAIR does not like that BNI uses language which does not bow to the cultural marxism of 'political correctness' and tells the truth about the brutal and atrocious crimes against humanity that are committed every single day all over the world by islamic supremacists for islam. So CAIR has been pushing to get the blog Bare Naked Islam shut down, because CAIR hates free speech. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, HERE, and CAIR did manage to get BNI shut down by its host WordPress for about a day, but BNI was back up after removing some comments that visitors had made to the blog that were deemed "offensive". That wasn't good enough for the islamic supremacists who hate free speech though, CAIR (who the federal government has banned the FBI from interacting with due to CAIR's ties to terrorism) has been howling that they want the FBI to investigate BNI and that they want the blog shut down completely.

Today WordPress removed the blog Bare Naked Islam. (h/t iOwnTheWorld and Blazing Cat Fur). It is a sad day in the Dextrosphere and for freedom loving people everywhere. Via Ironic Surrealism:

It is/was a highly successful anti-Islam blog with 15,332,181 hits and counting.
BNI tweets that Hamas/Muslim Brother Hood front group CAIR is the Islamic culprit behind the suspension. Color me not shocked.

BARE NAKED ISLAM has been taken down by WordPress thanks to CAIR terrorists. Looking for a new host now.

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I spoke to the owner of BNI via email and she says she'll get the blog back up as soon as she finds a host who is less likely to cave to free speech hating islamobullying; for now you can view a cached page showing the last few BNI posts HERE. The terror-linked, sharia pushing, islamic supremacists at CAIR are quite pleased with themselves about their success in shutting down a blog that told the truth about islamotyranny.

More at American Power. Astute Bloggers writes: TIME TO BOYCOTT SHARIA COMPLIANT WORDPRESS


According to Investigative Project on Terrorism, a federal judge agreed that CAIR has ties to Hamas. CAIR's founder said in 1998 that "The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Will keep watching this for more developments.


Anonymous said...

It seems the Saudis have been buying up sizeable chunks of the social media and this take-down is also related to a $30 billion deal for US fighter jets.

Zilla/MJ said...

Thanks, for linking to me! BNI is back temporarily, but wordpress says it has to be off their platform by January 6th. No doubt, all the bad publicity the ban got wrodpress is the reason why BNI is back, even if only for a few days. At least now the owner of BNI will have a few days to get moving to another platform.